Moving DBX to PST

Moving DBX to PST Reasons and alternative

You have decided to move from Outlook Express to Outlook. But there is a glitch in the plan that is, the emails you have accumulated over the years, containing vital information ranging from market research to day to day information. Whatever facilities one may acquire with the new email client (MS outlook) would be meaningless unless one manages to fetch the email information from the previous email client (Outlook Express). But then, how do we Export DBX Files to PST? Because Outlook Express email format is not supported by MS Outlook. So for Moving DBX to PST is only one solution left for you, requires you to choose a solution from outside.

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Moving DBX to PST with an external solution

There are numbers of solutions out there; many of you might have been through hordes of them already, but without the desired result. Here is a suggestion for your consideration, about a third party utility of DBX to PST Converter. Created to assist you deal with every aspect of the DBX to PST Conversion, this tool is effective in bringing down much of your fright for the all technicality in here, by itself covering up for the majority of it.

You would do well to engage this software in conversion of hundred of emails. For this software comes with a user friendly graphical interface and has a fast method to boast for. The method itself is collection of few steps, which is that of selecting the files and gets started with the conversion procedure. That makes it increasingly convenient for the users to convert this huge accumulation of files. As for the issue of time consumption, the software also works in favor of batch conversion and has got the features for it as well.

Why use this tool for Moving DBX to PST Facts

  • Multiple conversion facility
    This features effectively works against any crisis of time management when you have hundreds of email files to convert.
  • Move DBX emails into Outlook UNICODE
    The software sees to conversion of the emails safely out of the Outlook Express into MS Outlook.
  • Retaining the emails on the whole
    After the conversion, when you read the emails, you did find nothing missing anywhere. The email header, content and attachments are retained in the same font, color, size and style.
  • It creates new folder to store the converted files and gives two choices:
    - You get the entire files (inbox, outbox, etc) saved up in single folder.
    -You get the files saved up in different folders.
  • Easy to follow instructions
    There is a user friendly interface that this software has got to offers, while the instructions are few and easily understandable.

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Simply download the demo and follow in the few instructions. Once over it, you would in an instant know what you have got into and having my own experience, I can tell you that, you are going to like it - Leslie Robbins

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